February Highlights

February was an awesome month for Ternio Solutions Group. Here are some of our favorite highlights:

Presidents Club: Trip to Cancun

The Ternio team celebrates every win, whether that be big or small. In February, we celebrated a big win with our President’s Club members by going to Cancun, Mexico. We would like to congratulate the organization’s top performers that made the trip this year: Jackson Short, Tess Harper, and Paul Harten. Our goal for 2023 is to get the whole organization on the trip next year. The team is absolutely crushing it so far, and it’s only March! 

Conferences: Anaplan in San Diego

It was an exciting month in the Anaplan space, Ternio was excited to be part of the Anaplan Sales conference here in our beloved city of San Diego! Our Anaplan team Marianna Bologna, Kai Thompson and Alix LaScola had some amazing meetings with Anaplan leaders, Partners and other members of the community. It’s very evident it will be an exciting year for the Anaplan team and the greater community! Reach out, we would love to talk about what trends we are seeing in the market and the host of opportunities we are working on at the moment.

Milestones: Anniversaries

We want to give a huge shout-out to Paul Harten and Jackson Short on their workaversaries. 

Paul has been with Ternio for two years. He is a veteran in this business who doesn’t shy away from bringing out his expertise in the space to put the resources above all else. We are so thankful at Ternio to have his fun loving and hardworking personality as part of our team.

Jackson has been with Ternio for three years. He has proven to be a huge asset to our team by the numbers he pulls, the leadership he provides and his eagerness to continuously learn.  Thank you Jackson for all of the time you have invested into Ternio; we can’t wait to see what the next three years brings.

New Program: Internship Launch

For the first time in Ternio Solutions Group history, we created an internship program. Laine McPherson is our amazing Marketing Intern. She is working alongside Karina Carstens to build brand awareness and to start some fun new projects. Sean O’Hara is our Business Process Intern. He is helping to increase operational and system efficiencies as we scale. Our interns are bringing in fresh perspectives, and they are gaining valuable work experience with an awesome company (toot toot!)