Exciting Ternio Updates

July has been quite the busy month for Ternio Solutions Group. We have made some new deals, expanded our network, moved offices and hired two new fantastic women on-board. One woman was Karina Carstens, a recent graduate from UC San Diego and the other one was Victoria Willis, a recent graduate of San Diego State University. I am sure you are all wondering who these amazing women are, so I would like to introduce them. 

Karina graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in International Studies with a focus in Sociology (say that ten times fast). Coming out of college, she had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. One day, she got a LinkedIn message from a man named Anthony LaScola. Little did she know that this message would lead to her first big girl job. After talking with him, the rest of the team and getting offered the job, she decided this would be a great fit for a recent college grad. One month in, she still feels that she made the right choice with jumping on board. She has learned a lot of networking skills, learned how to make cold calls, learned how to make it through a long work day, and learned how to meal prep like a pro. Beyond her days at Ternio, she enjoys running, swimming, watching Netflix, hanging out with friends, cooking, cleaning, and reading. A fun fact she wants you all to know is that she stands on one leg while she brushes her teeth; right leg at night and left leg in the morning. 

Victoria graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies-focusing in counseling and social change, Spanish and sociology and minored in business administration (these Ternio guys are really drawn to college grads with long-winded majors). Towards the end of her senior year, she was in the process of making her LinkedIn profile match a Farmers Insurance job when she got a “ping!” from a man by the name of Anthony LaScola. She realized she needed to keep her options open, so, out of inquiry, she replied to learn more about the position he was offering. After going through some discussions and the interview, she was sold on the work environment and the people who would be her future team. One month in, she is glad that she took the job. She has learned so much about ERP and how it is used to make businesses more streamlined. She has also learned how to ask questions that allow her how to get around the constant “no’s” or the infamous “call me back later’s”. Currently, she is in the process of moving, so that has taken up quite a bit of her free time. However, she still finds time to meet up with her friends, hang out with her family and, when the time permits, work out. A fun fact she wants you all to know is that she got into a fight with a Gibraltar monkey while she was studying abroad. If you want the proof, see the picture below. 

Victoria vs Monkey

Overall, they have greatly enjoyed bonding with the rest of the team and are excited for their time here. Feel free to reach out to them for any Oracle ERP needs you have or to simply network.