Are you going to Oracle Open World?

Another few weeks have passed, and Ternio Solutions Group continues to grow. We have continued to grow our relationships, we have made more deals, and our new women, Karina Carstens and Victoria Willis, continue to improve. Beyond our internal growth on a day-to-day basis, we are looking to grow our relationships at Oracle Open World next month in San Francisco. Here are a few things we expect to see at the conference. 

We are expecting to see some amazing guest speakers such as the CEOs of Oracle-Mark Hurd and Safra A. Catz, Hall of Famer and three-time Super Bowl Champion-Jerry Rice, a robotics ethicist from MIT Media Labs-Dr. Kate Darling and many more. Beyond the guest speakers, there will be hands-on labs where people can gain experience with Oracle technology. There will be some exciting keynote speeches that range from Autonomous Data Management-led by Andrew Mendelsohn-to Oracle’s Strategy for Cloud and on-Prem’s Infrastructures-led by Ajay Srivastava, Ali Alasti and Wim Coekaerts. Outside of the conference itself, there will be some pretty fun events for special pass holders such as a Movie Night at Oracle Park, exercise classes, a scavenger hunt, and the Cloudfest on Wednesday night featuring John Mayer. 

The conference itself is enough to make our team excited to go, but we are also looking forward to building our relationships with as many people as we can. Our team includes two from our Hyperion side-Anthony and Alix LaScola, and some of our ERP team-Michael Trasso, Victoria Willis and Karina Carstens. If you are going to Open World next month, we would love to grab a cup of coffee, a drink, a bite to eat or a few minutes of your time. You can find us and contact us on Linkedin or via our website: We cannot wait for Oracle Open World and build our knowledge of Oracle as well as our relationship network. We hope to see and speak with some of you there!